Lancelot Coar

Lancelot Coar is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba, specializing in undergraduate and Master's level design studio and construction technology lecture courses . Since 2007, Coar has worked with the farming community of Clearwater to develop a multi-year unbuild/design/build program in which students in the department of architecture work with the community to transform abandoned century-old buildings into new relevant architecture for the community. This work has earned Coar the Presidential Outreach Award from the University of Manitoba, and an honorary mention for the Excellence in Sustainability Awards by the Manitoba Roundtable.


Jo-Lene Gardiner

Jo-Lene Taylor was born in Mather, Manitoba. She married Keith Gardiner in 1976 and has five children. They live on a farm just outside of Clearwater. Jo-Lene has been active in the Clearwater community and involved in groups like 4-H, The Clearwater Women’s Institute and Harvest Moon Society.


Jean Gardiner

Jean Robertson was born and raised in Snowflake, MB. After marrying Stuart Gardiner and starting to farm just outside of Clearwater, Jean became part of the Cleawater community and active in the United Church and Women’s Institute.


Robert Guilford

Robert Guilford was born in 1957 in Cartwright Manitoba. Robert went to Red River Community College and became a licensed mechanic in 1974. In 1987 he began an organic farm outside Clearwater.  Robert has been active in several organizations including: Organic Producers Association of Manitoba, the Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society and the Manitoba Eco-Network, and participated in a Canadian University Service Overseas tour of Indonesia in 1997. Returning in 1999, Robert began working with academic programs and institutions to start organic farming and permaculture mentorship programs. Robert is one of the founders of the Harvest Moon Festival and Harvest Moon Society and remains actively involved in both.


Celia Guilford

Celia Simpson grew up in Winnipeg, began organic farming near Clearwater in 1987 with her former partner. Celia has worked with Canadian University Service Overseas in Indonesia, and as an educator specializing in permaculture, agribusiness and food systems. Celia has been involved with the Organic Producers Association of Manitoba, Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada and among other organizations. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Security & Peace Building.  Celia was one of the founders of the Harvest Moon Festival and Harvest Moon Society.


Ian J. Mauro

Dr. Ian Mauro is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Winnipeg, and an accomplished filmmaker. Originally from Thompson, Manitoba, Mauro completed his undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and a PhD in Geography at the University of Manitoba which involved making the film “Seeds of Change: Farmers, Biotechnology and the New Face of Agriculture.” The premier of the film contributed to the creation of the first Harvest Moon Festival and ultimately led Mauro to become an active member of the Harvest Moon Society.


Molly McCracken

Born in 1973, Molly McCracken grew up in Winnipeg. She holds a Master's degree in Public Policy and Administration from Carlton University, has worked in government as an analyst and serves on the board of several not-for-profit community-based organizations including the Harvest Moon Society. Molly is currently the Manitoba director of Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.


Gordon McGill

Edward Gordon McGill was born and educated in Clearwater. He worked in Winnipeg for two winters and in the mines at Wawa, Ontario. He married Merle Gardiner in 1954. Gordon and Merle raised a family of three. Gordon served as trustee on the local and the Pembina Valley School Boards for fifteen years. Along with farming, he was also employed by Manitoba Natural Resources for twenty four seasons. After retiring in 1994, he served as one of the directors of the Boundary Trail Heritage Region. Gordon remains active in the Clearwater community as the town historian. Gordon received the Lieutenant Governor’s award for Historical Preservation and promotion for his preservation of historical records of Clearwater.


Roy McLaren

Roy McLaren was born in Clearwater in 1925. Roy married Alice Elizabeth Esler in 1950 and they had four children. Roy is still active in the community having been involved in building programs with the Memorial Hall, skating rink, curling rink and United Church. Roy’s past civic duties have included: Trustee for Clearwater Elementary School, Councillor and Reeve for the RM of Louise, Trustee of Clearwater United Church, Director of Manitoba Pool Elevators, Director of the local Ducks Unlimited and has been involved in the Progressive Conservative Party both provincially and federally. Roy’s historical and environmental knowledge contributed heavily in the creation of the Lessons for the Land Trail north of Clearwater.


Alice McLaren

Alice McLaren was born in La Riviere in 1927. She attended Silver Springs and Pilot Mound School. He took nurse’s training at Grace Hospital School of Nursing in Winnipeg. Alice married Roy McLaren in 1950. Alice is a lifetime member of the Clearwater Women’s Institute. She has held offices in the Institute movement at local, regional, provincial and federal levels. Alice was also an active member of the United Church, 4-H club and was past director of the Louise Consumers co-op and Crystal City/Clearwater Agricultural Society. 


Joan Odlum

Joan McKellar was born in 1931.  Joan attended school in Oakville. Joan married Wilmer Odlum in Clearwater in 1953. They have five daughters. Wilmer passed away in 2014. Joan is very active in the Clearwater Women’s Institute and Clearwater church groups.