1. Harvest Moon Festival Site

In early 2002, a group of Winnipeg film makers, academics and musicians made a documentary focusing on the impact of biotechnology on rural communities. The drive to premiere the film “Seeds of Change” in the town of Clearwater ultimately became the catalyst that brought together urban and rural organizers to create the very first Harvest Moon Festival . The inaugural festival was held on September 21st 2002, and the featured a screening of the film, as well as music, activities, art and food. Since then the Harvest Moon Festival has grown significantly into a festival that brings over fifteen hundred patrons a year. The Harvest Moon Festival celebrates the harvest season and local food production, while providing an opportunity to link those from rural and urban communities through music and educational workshops. The festival is a key fundraiser for the town of Clearwater and the Harvest Moon Learning Centre.

The First Festival - Celia Guilford

The First Festival Pt. 2 - Ian Mauro

The First Festival Pt. 3 - Robert Guilford

Main Stage 2016 - MC Robert Guilford

Main Stage 2016 - Ridley Bent

Resturant Stage 2014 - The Reverend Rambler

Memorial Hall Sunday Brunch 2016 - Riel Gentleman's Choir