A Harvest moon History

A Harvest Moon History is a podcast series devoted to exploring the History Clearwater Manitoba and the Harvest Moon Society.

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Episode 1: Planting the Seed

The Harvest Moon Society and Festival is the culmination of decades of building community and developing relationships through rural research and revitalization projects taking place in and around Clearwater, Manitoba. The story of Harvest Moon Society is very a much the story of Robert Guilford and Celia Guilford. Pioneers in practicing organic, sustainable agriculture in Manitoba, Robert and Celia were essential in creating the collaborative vision and conditions that would result in the creation of the Harvest Moon society and festival. In this podcast Robert Guilford and Celia Guilford tell the story of the rural and urban connections they made which helped form the Harvest Moon Society. 

Episide 1: Planting the Seed


Episode 2: Fertile Soil

The Harvest Moon Society could not have existed without the community of Clearwater, Manitoba. Known for their hard work, generosity and volunteerism - the residents of Clearwater have maintained an active community throughout its existence. In the early 2000s Clearwater faced a difficult era, the school, elevator and local store all closed. The coffee shop - the central meeting place of the community was in disrepair. It looked like Clearwater would become another causality of the crisis facing many small farming communities across Canada. Despite the adversity the community of Clearwater effectively rallied together - managing to save the store, repurpose the school and buy a new restaurant. In this podcast Jo-Lene Gardiner, Rhonda Barr, Joan Odlum and Valarie Pogson talk about the spirit of Clearwater and how it was essential in the creation of Harvest Moon Society.  

Episode 2: Fertile Soil

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Episode 3: Initial Growth

In early 2002, a group of Winnipeg film makers, academics and musicians made a documentary focusing on the impact of modern large scale farming practices on rural communities. The drive to premiere the film “Seeds of Change” in the town of Clearwater ultimately became the catalyst that brought together urban and rural organizers to create the very first Harvest Moon Festival. The inaugural festival was held on September 21st 2002, and the featured a screening of the film, as well as music, activities, and food. In this podcast festival organizers Ian Mauro, Robert Guilford, Celia Guilford, Jo-Lene Gardiner and Molly McCracken talk about the first years of the Harvest Moon Festival and how it developed over time.

Episide 3: Initial Growth



For over a decade the Harvest Moon Society, made of up of rural and urban, farmers, organizers, and educators have worked collaboratively together with the community of Clearwater on a variety of educational, research and revitalization projects. In this podcast Harvest Moon Society organizers and project participants Robert Guilford, Celia Guilford, Ian Mauro, Jo-Lene Gardiner, and Molly McCracken provide an overview of the Harvest Moon Society’s collaborative initiatives.

Episide 4: From the Ground Up

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Clearwater has had a long vibrant history of volunteerism with organizations such as 4H, Boys and Girls Clubs, and the Women’s Institute.  The Clearwater W.I. is nearly a century old and still active, offering rural educational programming and activities for the community.  Clearwater Women’s Institute members Jo-Lene Gardiner, Susan Heinrichs, Joan Odlum, Alice McLaren, Rhonda Barr, Jean Gardnier and Valarie Pogson talk about the history of the Clearwater Women’s Institute, the activities of group and the importance of the W.I.’s legacy. 

Episide 5: Cultivating Community