6. Clearwater Junction Restaurant

In the late 1990s the central meeting place of the community, the Clearwater post office and coffee bar was in disrepair. The community sought a new coffee shop, finding a building from the town of Waskada. The building was bought by Alexis Gardiner with the support of the community and transported to Clearwater. The Clearwater Junction as it is called now has been described as “the lifeblood” of the town where elders of the community regularly meet. The restaurant’s moniker is the sign on the wall that says, “Sit long, Talk Much.” In 2009, the department of architecture at the University of Manitoba, the Harvest Moon Society and residents of Clearwater collaborated on a project to make patio and Harvest Moon Festival stage out of deconstructed building material attached to the restaurant.

History of Clearwater Junction - Jo-Lene Gardiner

The Restaurant Stage Pt. 1 - Robert Guilford

The Restaurant Stage Pt. 2 - Lancelot Coar